Susan Sarandon / Irene Dunne

I have a burning (useless) question and Google can’t help me!!!

There I was, watching “Thelma & Louise” for the first time <yeah! I know! About time, right?> and thinking of how much Susan Sarandon’s Louise looked like Irene Dunne. They do share similar appearance, smile and mannerism. Or, I’m just going crazy.

 If you are asking yourself who in heaven is Irene Dunne, let me have the pleasure to introduce you: She was a wonderful actress from Hollywood Golden Age.

Irene Dunne

She’s mostly known for her performances in movies of the 30s and 40s, such as “Theodora Goes Wild’, “The Awful Truth” (mine absolute favorite), “I Remember Mama” and the first “Anna and the King of Siam” movie (very powerfum performance). Some say she was Cary Grant’s favorite co-star. And they sure had a lot of chemistry.

Back to my story.  ”Thelma & Louise” was playing and all I could think of was Irene Dunne. Weird? Yeah… I think so too. But take a look at these pictures:

Irene Dunne 

Susan Sarandon

Okay. So, maybe it’s hard to see the resemblance with pictures. But something really creepy happened later, in the middle of the movie! There’s is a scene when the cops are watching a movie while waiting for Thelma to call her husband. Guess what actress’s movie they were watching? Yes. Irene Dunne’s. Of course you can only hear Cary Grant’s voice and no image. But it’s “Penny Serenade”!! My reaction: o.o => o.0 => 0.0 (!!!)

So I ask: was there some inside joke? Some cute reference or connection? Or am I just tired and should go to sleep?

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  1. cornedbeefandcabbage answered: I KNOW! I’ve always thought the same exact thing! Even Susan’s mannerisms and intonations are are the same as Irene’s.
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